Shanghai Gourmet

Shanghai Gourmet Restaurant in Walnut Creek, California(CA) provides delicious, authentic chinese food in a beautiful and unique Shanghai Style. Our food prepared by our chefs exclusively for you and your guests. We are open to servicing dine-in, carry out, and catering services.

Shanghai Gourmet restaurant is divided into 2 separate rooms catering for either a romantic evening out or a party for up to 100 people. Shanghai Gourmet Restaurant is for being indulgent escapes for your taste buds.

Xuliang Shen

China is a country full and rich in flavors, with each of China’s 22 provinces offering its own unique style and taste. XuLiang Shen, the owner of Shanghai Gourmet Restaurant, brings many of these different styles and taste together in one place. Having traveled from place to place, studying the various dishes popular in each area, XuLiang Shen now offers—right here in California—many of the food that you would only be able to find in cities like Shanghai, Yangzhou, and Sichuan.

XuLiang Shen graduated from a premier cooking academy in Shanghai, China in 1975. After graduation, he worked at the Chinese consulate for 5 years, providing diplomats with a taste of home while abroad. Now, he brings these tastes and flavors to you. From appetizers like the Shanghainese Pan-Fried Dumpling and Vegetarian Duck to main course meals such as the Sichuan Noodles and Yangzhou Fried Rice, you are guaranteed to find something you like. And no matter what dish you choose, you are sure to receive the best—the sort of authentic flavors that you would only find by travelling across China.

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